Porn Stars Are People, Too

I’ll always wonder why a person goes into the porn industry. While I certainly think they have the right to do so, a part of it makes me sad.


This is what I live for

I never thought I’d be this person. But I am.

Though I sold the red one last year, I’m looking to pick up a third this year. Maybe something 80cc or higher. Who knows. I scour Craigslist every day. I even have an IFTTT set up for certain scooters. Lame, I know.

This is my first real post

I have no hopes of anyone reading this. I just wanted to mess around with a free WordPress site. As it turns out, I really enjoyed the plugins on our work site. So, there’s that. I even learned how to do FORMS on it. Is it weird that I want a FORM on my personal website?

No, it’s not weird. You’re weird. You are.